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A scholarship program for Canadian undergraduate students to exchange to the United States for 1-2 semesters. More Info. Youth Ambassador Program. A three-week summer exchange to New York and Washington, DC for students 15-18 years old. More Info. EducationUSA Academy.

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About Us – EducationUSA

A three-week exchange program in the USA for Canadian students 15-18 years old. For more information on all three programs, check out the Fulbright Canada website. The United States Embassy is located in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, Ontario. The Embassy houses the U.S. Ambassador, more than 10 departments, and more than 200 employees.

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Working with EducationUSA – EducationUSA

Education USA Canada Virtual Showcase. Starting in 2020, EducationUSA Canada is hosting monthly virtual university showcases. Each university is given 15 minutes to present and answer questions from prospective Canadian students. It’s a great way to promote your institution to an international audience and connecting with them directly.

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EducationUSA – EducationUSA

EducationUSA is a U.S. Department of State network of over 400 international student advising centers in more than 170 countries. The network promotes U.S. higher education to students around the world by offering accurate, comprehensive, and current information about opportunities to study at accredited post-secondary institutions in the

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WORKING IN THE U.S. EducationUSA Canada

Many college students in the United States maintain a job while studying, however options can be limited to F-1 students. If you are an F-1 student and are interested in working while studying in the United States you should talk to your designated school official (DSO).The United States takes working illegally very seriously, so if your DSO finds out about illegal activity they must …

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New Requirements for Travel to the U.S. – EducationUSA

Testing Requirements for Travel to the U.S. May 20th, 2021 Current CDC guidance mandates that all air passengers coming to the United States, including U.S. citizens and fully vaccinated people, are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result no more than three (3) days before travel or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 in the past

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for study or research in the United States

for study or research in the United States Programs for students CANADIAN TRADITIONAL FULBRIGHT STUDENT AWARDS For study or research For graduate students or prospective graduate students Universities, research centres, think tanks or government agencies in the U.S. One academic year Award of 20 000$ US

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Travaillez aux Etats-Unis EducationUSA Canada

Pour travailler aux États-Unis, vous avez besoin d’un numéro de sécurité sociale. Prenez votre lettre d’approbation de votre DSO, ainsi qu’une de votre nouvel employeur, à la demande de votre numéro de sécurité sociale. Si vous obtenir un emploi sur le campus, vous ne pouvez pas travailler plus de 20 heures par semaine pendant les

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Latest COVID-19 Updates – EducationUSA

For the latest travel updates, please visit the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Canada, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement websites.. Information regarding travel to the U.S.: • Covid-19 Testing Requirements and Proof of Vaccination Requirement • Travel Restrictions across the U.S./Canada Borders • U.S. …

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Complete Your Application – EducationUSA

Once you are accepted and decide which university to attend, it is time for STEP 4: Confirm your Student Status . As always, if you have questions, email us at [email protected] or schedule a 1:1 advising appointment with your EducationUSA Canada advisor.

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Fulbright Canada – EducationUSA

The Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America (Fulbright Canada) is a binational, treaty-based, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with a mandate to identify the best and brightest minds in both countries and engage them in residential academic exchange.

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U.S. Higher Education Resources EducationUSA Canada

In the United States, the two terms are used on a roughly interchangeable basis. Unlike Canada, “college” does not refer to strictly a two-year transfer or technical degree granting institution. Besides two-year institutions, a U.S. college can be part of a larger university system—Harvard College is the undergraduate school at Harvard

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Video Archive EducationUSA Canada

Video Archive. Information About EducationUSA Canada. • How EducationUSA Can Help You (October, 2018) • Canadians Love the EducationUSA Academy (April, 2018) • How EducationUSA Helped Me (November, 2016) Information About American Higher Education. • Community Colleges in the USA (October, 2020) • Early Action vs. Early Decision

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Research Your Options EducationUSA Canada

Research Your Options. The first step to studying in the United States is to consider what kind of school you’d like to attend, and to understand some of the basic terminology you may encounter during your search and resources to begin your search. In the United States, the two terms are used on a roughly interchangeable basis.

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Complete Your Application EducationUSA Canada

Complete Your Application. These are the basic application requirements for most graduate schools. Bear in mind that professional degrees will have additional requirements. For example, for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), you will be required to have two years of work experience. Always review a university program’s admissions

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Types of Degrees – EducationUSA

Typically four years of study leads to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in the United States. The Bachelor of Arts is the most common post-secondary degree sought in the U.S. and is a requirement for graduate and postgraduate studies. Freshman is the term used to identify students in their first year of undergraduate study, Sophomore the second

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100,000 Strong in the Americas EducationUSA Canada

100,000 Strong in the Americas was launched by President Obama with a goal of sending 100,000 U.S. students to study abroad in the Americas, and receiving 100,000 foreign students from throughout the Western Hemisphere to study in the United States.

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Canadian Education System – EducationUSA

Canadian Education System. As in the United States, education in Canada is considered a local responsibility. Provinces have primary oversight over their education systems. 5.4 percent of Canada’s GDP is spent on education, with a heavy emphasis on tertiary education. The school year in Canada lasts from early September, around Labour Day, to

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Understanding CEGEP – EducationUSA

CEGEP. CEGEP, or Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (in English, College of General and Vocation Education), is a pre-college university program unique to Quebec. Students from Quebec wishing to receive post-secondary education either in or outside of Quebec must first enroll in and complete a CEGEP program for at least one

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EducationUSA Canada Community College Showcase – Education …

See how you can save money on your education, upgrade your academics, improve your athletic prospects, and more! This event will begin with a 20-minute presentation on how the “2+2” transfer system works in the United States and then 9 colleges will present on their majors, campus, athletics, transfer options, and more! Click here to register.

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Confirm Your Student Status – EducationUSA

Confirm Your Student Status. Now that you’ve been accepted and are off to your dream school, it’s time to ensure your student documentation is all in order. Keep in mind that Canadian citizens do not have to apply for student visas to study in the United States. You need to obtain an I-20 (or DS-2019) Certificate of Eligibility from the

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Undergraduate Studies – EducationUSA

Undergraduate Studies. If you are graduating or have graduated high school, then your next step is an Undergraduate degree. Use our five steps to U.S. study, to help you get started on your U.S. admissions journey. Research your options: Think about what kind of school you’d like to attend and take a look at our explanations of common higher

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Research Your Options – EducationUSA

There are more than 1,000 universities in the United States that offer graduate degrees, so plenty of time is needed to conduct thorough research about potential graduate schools and programs. You should begin your search approximately 18 to 24 months prior to the academic year in which you hope to enroll at a U.S. college or university.

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Contact Us – EducationUSA

2015-350 rue Albert Street Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1R1A4 613-688-5519 [email protected]

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Private versus Public Universities – EducationUSA

U.S. Higher Education Resources. /. Private versus Public Universities. Public universities are government-subsidized, like most universities in Canada, while private universities rely on tuition fees, endowments, and private donations to cover operating costs. There is not necessarily a difference between the two models academically, although

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English Language Learning – EducationUSA

English Language Learning. EducationUSA Resources: EducationUSA Academy- EducationUSA Academy is a short-term academic program that provides English language courses, college preparatory content, tours of diverse colleges and universities, and cross-cultural activities to 15- to 17-year-old students from around the world.

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EducationUSA Canada Summer Sessions Showcase

Summer Sessions are a great way to expand your academics, engage with a U.S. university, and perhaps even receive a university credit! Find out about summer session options for Pre-College and current university students at 7 U.S. universities.

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College Essay Examples – EducationUSA

Essay Examples from EducationUSA students. University of Chicago, Johanna Z. Figure Eights. There were eight gumdrops in my pocket. I counted them again just to be sure. Standing outside the classroom, I so badly wanted to burst inside and dolly out candy as I …

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EducationUSA Canada Sports Virtual Showcase

Learn about athletic eligibility, scholarships, and 8 diverse U.S. universities and colleges! The Showcase will begin with a presentation on “Eligibility for Sports Scholarships” by EducationUSA adviser Jenika Heim (3:00-3:30 pm ET).

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Short Term Exchanges EducationUSA Canada

The National Student Exchange is a network for inter-university exchange within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are approximately 170 institutions within the network. The key program feature is that the member institutions grant tuition reciprocity to their students who study abroad within the network.

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Liberal Arts Colleges – EducationUSA

Liberal Arts Colleges. The liberal arts philosophy is a unique feature of the U.S. higher education system, providing an emphasis on studying across a broad range of courses in the humanities, social sciences, arts and natural sciences. The breadth of learning offered by a Liberal Arts education provides an excellent next step into a career in

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Study and Go Abroad Virtual Education Fair – EducationUSA

Explore opportunities for online/distance education, as well as degrees, diplomas and certificate programs abroad from the comfort of your home.

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U.S. Embassy Ottawa EducationUSA Canada

The United States Embassy is located in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, Ontario. The Embassy houses the U.S. Ambassador, more than 10 departments, and more than 200 employees. The U.S. presence in Canada serves to maintain positive relationships between the two countries.

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Add Your Event to Our Calendar – EducationUSA

Address: 2015-350 rue Albert Street Ottawa, Canada K1R1A4 Phone: +1 613 688 5519 Email: [email protected]

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