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Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings. By Joy Harjo. 1. SET CONFLICT RESOLUTION GROUND RULES: Recognize whose lands these are on which we stand. Ask the deer, turtle, and the crane. Make sure the spirits of these lands are respected and treated with goodwill. The land is a being who remembers everything.

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Poetry Magazine Poetry Foundation

Read the latest issue of POETRY magazine—the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world—or browse the magazine archive.

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USA by Paul Engle Poetry Magazine

October 1952. USA. By Paul Engle. angle-left. angleRight. JSTOR and the Poetry Foundation are collaborating to digitize, preserve, and extend access to Poetry. Source: Poetry (October 1952)

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Poetry International Web Launches USA Domain… Poetry

CHICAGO — The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is pleased to announce that Poetry’s editors have embarked on a new international collaboration.In partnership with the online magazine and archive Poetry International Web (PIW), the editors of Poetry will be responsible for editing content on the global platform’s USA page. While providing Poetry an …

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Christmas Poems Poetry Foundation

This collection of poems and site features presents many Christmases: spiritual and secular, bleak and hopeful, individual and communal. W. S.

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Submissions & Letters to the Editor Poetry Foundation

For visual poems, audio poems, and video poems, we pay $300 per poem. If a piece is published in multiple formats, such as print and video, we pay for each format. For prose, we pay $150 per published page. If you are unable to use Submittable for any reason, you may email your submission to [email protected]

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Walt Whitman Poetry Foundation

Walt Whitman is America’s world poet—a latter-day successor to Homer, Virgil, Dante, and Shakespeare. In Leaves of Grass (1855, 1891-2), he celebrated democracy, nature, love, and friendship. This monumental work chanted praises to the body as well as to the soul, and found beauty and reassurance even in death. Along with Emily Dickinson, Whitman is regarded as …

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Richard O. Moore Poetry Foundation

Richard O. Moore, a documentary filmmaker for public television, was one of the founders of KPFA—the first publicly supported radio station in the United States. He was born in Alliance, Ohio, and attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied poetry with Josephine Miles. He was associated with the San Francisco Renaissance and frequented Kenneth …

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About Us Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. It exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience. The Poetry Foundation works to raise poetry to a more visible and influential position in our culture.

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Anne Sexton Poetry Foundation

Anne Sexton was born in Newton, Massachusetts and raised in Weston, Massachusetts. One of the most popular poets of mid-20th century America, Sexton’s impressive body of work continues to be widely read and debated by literary scholars and cultural critics alike. According to Diane Hume George, “Anne Sexton’s poetry tells stories that are immensely significant to mid …

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William Carlos Williams Poetry Foundation

William Carlos Williams was born the first of two sons of an English father and a Puerto Rican mother of French, Dutch, Spanish, and Jewish ancestry, and he grew up in Rutherford, New Jersey. He was a medical doctor, poet, novelist, essayist, and playwright. With Ezra Pound and H.D., Williams was a leading poet of the Imagist movement and often wrote of American …

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Weldon Kees Poetry Foundation

Weldon Kees was born in Beatrice, Nebraska and attended Doane College, the University of Missouri, and the University of Nebraska, where he earned his BA in 1935. His poetry collections include Collected Poems (1960, edited by Donald Justice), Poems 1947-1954, The Fall of Magicians (1947), and The Last Man (1943).Kees began publishing poems and short stories …

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Football Poems Poetry Foundation

Poems about street games, high school hijinks, and poets among players. Wide Receiver. Mark Halliday. In the huddle you said “Go long—get open”. and at the snap I took off along the right sideline. and then cut across left in a long arc. After School, Street …

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The Natives of America by Ann Plato Poetry Foundation

Encouraged by her local pastor, Ann Plato published Essays: Including Biographies and Miscellaneous Pieces, in Prose and Poetry (1841) as a teenager.The Reverend James W.C. Pennington—an abolitionist leader and a pastor at the Colored Congregational Church of Hartford, Connecticut—introduced the collection of 16 brief

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Spring Poems Poetry Foundation

SPRING IN LOVE. The Spring. Thomas Carew. After the Winter. Claude McKay. Song: Calm was the even, and clear was the sky. John Dryden. Dear One Absent This Long While. Lisa Olstein.

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